When we examine the truth we inevitably highlight that which is wrong....that which the bible does not teach as being God's way.


These issues are often controversial....and sometimes evoke bitter responses from those who prefer to accept the 'status quo'. Those who are on the end where they receive the money seem INCAPABLE of examining the truth. Most who are told they should be giving to these people have REAL scriptural questions and are easily able to see the truth. These issues are addressed in the following articles:-


31. Judging False apostles, prophets and teachers

32. Impediments to revival in the church

33. Cultish control vs christian liberty

34. The corrupt world system

35. The gravy train

36. Spiritual abuse in the church

37. The Lord's Supper vs breaking bread

38. Doctrines of demons

39. The wicked art of deception, manipulation and extortion in the church

40. The CULT of discipleship

41. Do NOT lie to each other

42. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together


If you feel that there are scriptures which I have not addressed or have not seen in context please feel free to raise them as when they are examined in context the truth usually surfaces.

(Rather than questioning my integrity, my motives or my spirit, please examine the scriptures and show me where I am wrong)


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